Golf team looks to claim district title

Tara Wyatt, Reporter

The golf team is close to concluding the season, only having two matches left. The next two matches will determine who competes at District on Tuesday, September 24. Throughout the season, they have kept a consistent first and second place streak.

This season is coached by Todd Baker, once again. Mr. Baker states that he needed a fall activity to do and loves to coach. “I like to play. So I get to do something, it lets me be with the kids, it’s a lot of fun,” Coach Baker says.

They have had a very productive start according to Alexander White (12). The way practices have gone are a bit different last year. They play more at practice and have learned new techniques this year. “Since we play more, it could be both good and bad. But from what I’ve noticed, it has benefited us,” White says.

Abby Peterson (10) returns to the team being the only girl. “Being the only girl can be a challenge,” she states. “But it helps me be more confident in myself.” Peterson came out on top as being the co-medalist at the district game on September 16. 

Members of the team all enjoy Mr. Baker as coach this year. “He’s a good coach. He knows what he’s doing. He knows how to incorporate everyone in the team. He has good practices,” Brayden Surface (10) says. Unlike like last year, members pay attention more and better organized practices this year, according to Joe Tyson (10). 

This year, all the members and Mr. Baker expects everyone to qualify for Regional’s and District this year.