Trends take over 2019 school year


Julia Day, Reporter

Scrunchies, Hydro Flasks, Crocs, Birkenstocks, and Nike shorts are just a few trends that can be seen in the halls of Graham High. 

According to a poll done on, the favorite trend was the app TikTok, that involves super short and funny videos. Although the poll said this was true, many students thought TikTok was overrated. Others thought differently, as most said that the top trend was “VSCO girls.”

VSCO is a photography app that allows its users to post pictures on their account. Recently, the “VSCO” girl persona has become a top trend on social media platforms. Hannah Hass (11) described scrunchies, Hydro Flasks, big t-shirts, and running shorts as key assets of a VSCO girl. Abby Shoemaker (10) agreed that this is a top trend. “Practically every girl that I’m friends with or that I’ve seen in the hallways has a scrunchie on or wears Vans.”

Some of the most underrated trends, according to students, included jewelry and Crocs. Nick Kastner (12) argued that a certain type of Croc, the tactical Croc, was not appreciated enough. “They’re all-purpose, you can do anything with them.” The most overrated trends included Hydro Flasks, Birkenstocks, yoga pants, and socks and sandals. Brennan Cook (12) said, “Socks and sandals – I feel like they’re just lazy.”

Regarding the question of what trends should come back in style, there were many different responses. Ms. Oxford, the PE Health and Driver’s Ed Teacher, said, “I’m not gonna lie, I love the bell-bottomed jeans, and I think they’re making a comeback.” Emma Largen (10) wishes that “mom jeans” would become a trend again, adding, “I wear mom jeans all the time but everyone makes fun of me” Officer Bowman, the resource officer, said, “I would like to see music videos on MTV again.”

Teachers in the school also described the top trends of their day. Coach Hayes, a business teacher, said that some of the popular items during his high school years were bowl haircuts, jeans, and Nike t-shirts. He also described parachute pants as being one of his all-time favorites. He said, “80’s fashion was incredible.” 

Mrs. Woodward, an English teacher, said that big hair, blue eyeshadow, acid wash jeans, and Madonna were some of the most popular of her day. She added, “I miss my jean jacket.” 

The students and teachers of Graham High are all involved in the trends of today and observe how much times have changed. All-in-all, many agree that trends have a large influence on life today.