GHS Press offers new advice column for student and teacher encouragement

Elise Clary, Reporter

GHS Press has recently added a new column on our website called “GHS Press Knows Best.” It focuses on reaching out to students by asking questions and posting staff responses in the advice column. The goal for this new addition to the webpage is to encourage students to seek answers about issues that may concern them. This column is open to anyone in the school who wishes to ask any questions. This can be students, teachers, and administrators.

In order to access the advice column, students can go to “GHS Press Knows Best Advice Request Form” at Click on the headline to open the story and follow the link; it will then redirect to a Google form.

Summer Collins (12) thinks it would be helpful for students to submit questions about how to start an essay. “I also think it’s a good idea because some kids may not have anybody to rely on, and they may feel more comfortable than talking to someone face to face.” She believes the advice column could help touch on topics such as bullying and anxiety in high school students.

The teachers are also able to submit questions to the advice column. Mrs. McAvoy says she is very likely to participate in the advice column because “the students know more about what’s happening and may have the best solutions.” With this addition to the page, students can ask questions via the Google form. Advice seekers have the option to have their name published or to remain anonymous. The person can read responses and strengthen their resolve to make the right decision.

Landon Breeden (10) says, “The biggest problem in high school is probably self worth with kids.” He thinks the column can assist students and give them advice to tell them “how good they really are.” 

The new addition allows students and teachers to ask anonymous questions and receive personal responses from staff of GHS Press. It can attract more readers and visitors to the website and bring awareness to stirring issues in our school community. The advice column is available now for anyone interested and curious about submitting questions!