Students advance with online classes


Autumn Jesse

Seventh period virtual students work hard on their classes.

Autumn Jessee, Editor

Students have a lot of opportunities in high school, and online classes provide the opportunity to get ahead. From World Mythology to Dual US Government, almost any class not taught in house is offered through Virtual Virginia, or as a dual class through Southwest Virginia Community College or Bluefield College. 

Students take online classes during their virtual period, which in monitored by a teacher from the high school. This teacher is called a mentor. The student works on the class during their virtual period; they simply report to the virtual computer lab instead of a regular class. 

 Mrs. Beverly Profitt says, “Number wise, more classes are offered online than can be taught in house. There is no reason to punish students when the classes they need can be taught online.” 

Connor White (12) takes AP Environmental, AP Euro, AP Human Geography, and Comparative Government. He takes classes online because “they are classes I’m interested in but weren’t offered at the school. They will also help me prepare for college.” Connor said the advantage to taking online classes is they force him to motivate himself and help him to understand how to write things like FRQs or LEQs. “Work every single class period.  Never tell yourself that you’ll just ‘do it later’ because procrastinating will result in a worse quality product and you’re teaching yourself bad habits.” 

Sydney Pennington (12) says that she feels online classes will help prepare her for college. The advantages to online classes are “being more prepared to an independent learning style.” She thinks the best part of online classes are the more flexible time limits on assignments. 

Mrs. Dee Shoemaker, a virtual facilitator, notes that there are some disadvantages to online classes, “It is very easy to fall behind.” She advises students to work ahead when at all possible. Ms. Jennifer McGinnis monitors student’s contact with their online teachers, inputs passwords, and puts in grades. She thinks students should keep a calendar for their assignments and communicate with their teachers often. 

Online classes have many advantages and disadvantages. They provide students the opportunity to take classes not taught in house. Students have to take greater responsibility for their education when they take online classes.