Band performs at JMU

Tara Wyatt, reporter

The band traveled to James Madison University (JMU) on September 14 to perform with thousands of other band students for the football games’ halftime show and meet the official band of JMU. The bands spent the day rehearsing together to perform “Get It On.” 

Before the students left for Band Day, they got the music sheet a day before and rehearsed together to prepare for performing with other band students.

The students got to rehearse with the JMU band, take a tour of the college, then they divided into sections based on the instrument they play. For example, they put drummers together, trumpet players together, etc. About 700 high school band students attended the event and all performed on the field. 

The students performed for 20,000 spectators, a lower number than last year’s crowd at Virginia Tech’s Band Day.

Students claim that it was better organized than last year. “We didn’t stay as long as this year. We didn’t get water as fast. It was super hot too. So, this year was better,” Sydney Foster (9) says. 

Members had a busy day ahead of them. “It was fun but also stressful because we had to learn the routine in such a short amount of time,” Leandra Stinson (10) says. “Especially since we arrived late.” The arrival time was 9:00, they arrived at 10:00.

Many students enjoyed interacting with other students. “I liked meeting everyone and seeing how they get to go there for something they really enjoy,” Foster says. Mr. Yost enjoyed going back to the college he attended to see his band students perform. 

The band participates in Band Day to “give the kids the opportunity to march in a really big band,” Yost states.

Overall, students got fun opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people. They “represented the school well.”