Mrs. Calfee keeps the office in check


Zainab Razzaq, Reporter

High school secretaries have a complicated job that requires patience and encouragement. Mrs. Kim Calfee, our school’s secretary, takes on the responsibility of keeping our school stable. Mrs. Calfee has been working in and out of school recently but still manages to do her job exceptionally. 

Mrs. Calfee had previously worked at Tazewell High before transitioning to Graham. She had gotten a call from Mrs. Beavers, and Mrs. Calfee fell in love with the students and decided to stay. She has been at Graham High School for three years now.

She was once interested in the law field, but as she got older, she didn’t have the same passion for it. “I realized I didn’t want to sit at a desk all day, but look now at me!” she laughed, “Of course it’s still different and I love my job.”

Office aid members help out Mrs. Calfee in the office so she isn’t that stressed. She doesn’t have a favorite office aid member at the moment, but it may change depending on how they do their job. 

Of course, she enjoys having her husband, Mr. Calfee, working alongside her at school. Although she works, she has some favorite hobbies that keep her busy outside of school. She watches college football in her spare time, and she’s a big WVU fan. Mrs. Calfee also likes to walk, but more importantly spend time with her family. 

She also mentioned how different her high school experience now is from back in the day. “It’s so funny because when I was in high school, we didn’t even have phones and kids now don’t know what that’s like,” she mentioned. Her high school also had a smoking sections for students and teachers, and students were also allowed to eat outside. 

Mrs. Proffitt works in the office along with Mrs. Calfee. “The hardest thing to handle in the office when Mrs. Calfee was gone was probably attendance,” Mrs. Proffitt said. While Mrs. Calfee was gone, a substitute had taken her place last year. Mrs. Proffitt reasurangly said that the substitute had figured out her job, although it had taken some time to adjust. 

Abby Gasperson, the school’s vice president, has also gotten to know Mrs. Calfee better by doing the announcements in the morning. “It was pretty chaotic in the office when Mrs. Calfee was gone,” Abby said, “People would be coming into the office asking what was going on, and the sub would look at me, and I didn’t know what to do!” Abby mentions that she has gotten to know Mrs. Calfee really well after becoming friends with her son, Will, last year. “I think the sub did a pretty good job even though Mrs. Calfee’s job is pretty hard,” Abby said, “She has to know where everyone is and I think it’s just kind of hard to adapt to that situation.”