Seniors visit Southwest Community College

     On September 27, the seniors took a trip to Southwest Community College to tour the campus. At 9:00, the senior class boarded three buses and made the 45-minute trip to Southwest college.

Cole Cline

     “My expectations for this trip are for our students to learn about the different opportunities that Southwest offers. I believe this is a positive event for the students of Graham and I hope we can go on more trips like this one,” said Graham’s guidance counselor Mrs. Cook. 

             The students arrived at 9:50 and were shuffled into Dickenson Hall where Brandon Hensley (Student Relations) proceeded to start his presentation. “Why are you here? You are here to learn about the opportunities and programs that Southwest can offer,” said Hensley. “This will allow students to understand the opportunities that are available within a driving distance from home,” said Hensley.

             After the presentation by Hensley, the students were separated into three groups according to their field of interest. Medical, trade, and other were the groups that they students were separated into. “We separated the group of students to make it easier for them to see what we offer that can interest the students,” said Lexie Bales (tour guide and student at Southwest).

             The seniors who were interested in the medical field were taken into the medical studies hall of Southwest. As they toured the campus, many students could be seen working on their own projects in the medical department.

             The seniors who were interested in the trade program were taken to the trade hall. There, the students toured the different fields and trade jobs that they offered. Many of the vocational programs offered were of interest to many of the students.

             The students who were in the other group were taken into the general studies hall. There, they learned about the different general classes that they could take before they decided to pick their major.

     After the tour of the halls, all of the groups convened back together in the lunch room for pizza and karaoke. Ethan Stinson sang the song “Purple Rain” by Prince and then a large group of over ten students sang the song “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus.

Cole Cline

             After lunch, the groups were taken to the athletic centers of the campus. The YMCA, gymnasium, and tennis courts were a part of the tour. “We have added over 11 new sports to our campus. Whether it be wrestling or video games, we have a sport for you,” said Hensley. Some of the sports added into the college include video games, soccer, baseball, wrestling, and basketball.

     “This is a positive event for me because I plan on attending Southwest,” said Cheyenne Osborne (12). Many students plan to attend Southwest after graduation because of the free tuition.

     When the tour was over, all the groups joined back together Dickenson Hall to have one final meeting. The students were given pens and a form to rate their experience. “As you know, we offer free tuition to all Tazewell County graduates, so use this opportunity to save some money and join the Flying Eagles,” says Hensley.