Peterson thrives on the golf team

Tessa Koen, Reporter

Despite being the only girl on the golf team, Abby Peterson (10) has still accomplished many things. She plays a lot of tournaments. She has a desire to play college golf, and she’s supposed to get a scholarship to help her reach her goal. Abby has competed in a competition at the Greenbrier, and she won that, along with a tournament there as well. On the golf team, she won the Southwest District regular season award, and she’s also gotten a regional runner up award. 

Abby’s lowest score that she’s gotten is 71. Her mother got her interested in golf. She has been playing for 3 ½ years. Her favorite part about golf is competing. “It’s a lot of fun and it teaches you how to be a better player with sportsmanship and it just makes you more competitive,” Peterson says. She doesn’t think the Wii Sports version of golf is accurate at all. 

There are multiple things that go through Abby’s head while she’s playing and during tournaments. She thinks about the mechanics of her swing and where she’s going to place her next shot. She said that sometimes it’s hard being the only girl because the boys can be really competitive, and they group up together but she finds it to be a lot of fun. 

Mr. Todd Baker is the coach of the golf team. He thinks that Abby is a very good golfer. “I think she’s improved not only in the mechanics of the game with her swinging and putting, but her knowledge of the game has also gotten better.” Baker says. 

Abby’s dream location to play golf would be Clemson University, which is in SC. She did a summer camp there in June, and she really enjoyed it. She does believe that she’s improved with the way she plays. “I’ve done several camps, and I did a lot of tournaments from last year to this year,” Peterson says.

“The boys pick on her sometimes but she has a great personality and she picks on them right back. Abby has responded really well with being the only girl.” Baker says.

Autumn Jessee
Abby with the golf team.