SADD membership expands in size

Tara Wyatt, Reporter

Over 65 members showed up to the first SADD meeting of the year on September 27, beating past years averaging about 20 to 30 members showing up.

That means new members came to join SADD. “I decided to join SADD because it has a good meaning behind it,” Lexie Price says (12). “It raises awareness that this generation isn’t as bad as elders make it out to be.”

Activities will vary on what everyone wants to do this year. Last year, students went down to the middle school to talk to the kids, to the mall, to the bowling alley, and to the park. This year’s group is expected to do similar activities.

This year’s president and the vice president positions go to very new members: Abby Gasperson (11) as President and Jenna Bowling (12) as vice president. 

This is Gasperson’s first year, but she is excited to try something new this year. “I think it’s fun to be a leader and to guide people into making the right decisions,” Gasperson says. Her goal is to do more community service this year. “I want to do a lot of community service. I feel like clubs say they want to do more things, but they don’t do as much as they could.” 

Bowling already has a plan for this year’s Thanksgiving. “Mr. Blevins and I have talked about what we’re going to do at lunches for Thanksgiving. We’re going to tell other students that we’re thankful for each other and that we are at school,” Bowling says. Her goal is to bring more awareness to the club to try and be more involved in the school.

Blevins is thrilled about this year’s SADD team. “Hopefully, during the course of the year, we will be able to teach each other to make a better decision on a daily basis. That we will make footprints worth following,” Blevins states. The club will meet up on the last Friday of each month.