Stay golden forever

Payton Prevento

Forever Golden is a club that promotes anti-bullying and suicide prevention. The club was started when a former student lost one of her close friends to bullying.

At the last meeting on September 17th, there were around 20 people who signed up to join the club. They discussed activity ideas and ways to promote the club. They also talked about t-shirts and club dues. 

Payton Prevento

Connor White (12) joined the club because of the idea behind it: “It’s the only club in our school that focuses on being nice and helping others.”

One of Connor’s fears for the club is the association with annoyance. “I don’t want people to think we’re being nice just because we’re in the club.” His hope for Forever Golden is to make someone’s day better.

Cheyenne Osborne (12) says the club is important because it focuses on bullying and gives others a safe place to talk and ask for help. “Forever Golden focuses on people’s emotions and lives, rather than just taking dues and buying shirts.”

Cheyenne hopes that the club can help people with bullying and says it’s a good club and everyone should join. “Something so simple can make someone’s day ten times better.”

Mrs. Cook, school guidance counselor, believes that Forever Golden builds relationships between students and teachers. She hopes that members of the club foster genuine relationships with others who are struggling, “Don’t be a Forever Golden member when it’s convenient. Always be a Forever Golden member.”

Some activities suggested by Mrs. Cook include sitting with different people at lunch, participating in national school lunch day, acting as an ally between teachers and students, and being a positive role model.  

Payton Prevento

To promote the club, students have suggested posters, inviting people in the hallway, talking to people in the cafeteria, and many other ideas. A few of the activities planned for this year include positive post-it notes, blowpops with encouraging words, and daily goals over the intercom. 

The next Forever Golden meeting is this Thursday, October 10th. They will be discussing dues and activities for the month of October.