FBLA students get down to business


Zainab Razzaq, Reporter

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is a club newly directed by Mr. Jason Hayes. Mr. Hayes explained and stressed for students to join this year to reach his goal of a hundred members. “FBLA is for students who are at least somewhat interested in the business field, but they don’t have to go into it,” Hayes said. 

FBLA members attend the Fall Conference each year which is usually in the spring at Bluefield College. Students go to Bluefield College, and teachers have an advisory session about how to better improve FBLA in the region.

While teachers are busy, students go to workshops and learn to increase their skills for FBLA. Some workshops include how to dress properly in business attire as is required for an interview or job. There’s also FBLA bingo included to teach about certain aspects of the club and organization. “It’s a really neat experience especially for students who haven’t gone to the conference before,” Mr. Hayes said. 

Mr. Hayes said, “I want students to see how far they can get because two students last year made it to San Antonio in competition.” Preston and Carter Nipper are brothers who competed in FBLA last year in nationals and went as far as San Antonio, TX.

Mr. Hayes stresses how joining FBLA can be the difference of whether or not a person gets into their dream college. “Colleges are looking for more than just grades now,” Mr. Hayes said. 

Carter Nipper (10) plans on competing this year as well. “I joined FBLA because my brother was in it, and I wanted to take part in all the activities it offered, Carter said. He mentions how FBLA can help him in the future with resumes and what he will major in in college too. Last year, Carter competed in Introduction to Financial Math. He also enjoys how he’s able to hang out with his friends through the opportunities FBLA provides. 

FBLA provides many resources and opportunities to help students with their future plans.