Spooky Season and fall weather creeps up on student life


Elise Clary

The season of autumn is upon us and that means pumpkin scented candles, haunted houses and fall decorating! After a prolonged summer with temperatures up to 90 degrees until late September, students were pleased to see October 1st come. The cooler weather calls for cozy nights and fun adventures. Some students voiced their opinions on fall favorites.

Students are looking forward to fall activities such as haunted houses. Paige Burnette (12) says she loves them because she can be with her friends and “they’re fun and thrilling.” She enjoys decorating the outside of her house with pumpkins and leaf decor with her mom. Paige says she loves all fall foods except for cranberries, “I hate cranberries. They’re nasty.” Her favorite part of fall is nature’s beauty, “I like fall because of the changing of the leaves.”

Sarah Gray (12) is a fall fanatic and says her top fall activity is decorating,  “I decorate my house and my room, especially. I’ll normally get random leaves and make wreaths from them.” She loves sweet potato pie during the autumn and also loves haunted houses. Sarah says she never went trick or treating because her parents thought it was too dangerous, “I just hope everyone has a great fall.”

Halloween is the main contributor of the “spooky season” atmosphere that many students look forward to. Trevor Dalton (9) says he doesn’t go trick or treating anymore but he likes to “scare kids in the neighborhood.” He loves pumpkin pie, “It tastes good.” His fondest fall memory is when he went to a haunted house, “I went with my cousins and sister and they got so scared. It was hilarious.”

As spooky season falls upon us (no pun intended), Halloween costumes and sweater weather are in high demand. It will be a sight to see come October 31st, as the halls of Graham High will be filled with monsters, superheroes and everything in between! Make sure to check out some fun fall activities in the area like the Twisted History event at the Saunders House, Haunted Drive-In at Pipestem, and the Toxic Manor in Tazewell.