Students embrace reading by attending Book Club

Cole Cline, Reporter

           Book Club is a club at Graham High School that was revamped by Autumn Jessee. The president of book club is Autumn Jessee (12), and the vice president is Sara Siebenhaar (12). Book club is sponsored by Mrs. Metcalfe in room 103. The club meets during the mornings before school starts every 1-3 weeks. They meet to discuss their favorite books that they have read and to share those books with others.

            President Autumn Jessee started the club while she was a sophomore at Graham. “I wanted a place where I could share my love for books with others,” said Jessee. “Stating book club was a place for me to be like, hey, I love this book, and I think you would also love this book, so I want to share it with you,” said Jessee.

             This semester’s activities include a book exchange and Jeopardy games. During book exchange, the student’s names were all put into a hat and two were randomly drawn from the pile. Those two students would trade a book for the other to read during the semester. This way everyone gets to read a new book that someone else found very enjoyable. “I enjoy book exchange because it lets me read books that I never would have before,” said Neil Gregory (12).

             Another activity that book club has been involved in is a get to know you Jeopardy game. The students were picked by Jessee to select a category and a money amount. The categories were books, more books, tomes, lexicon, and novels. The questions were aimed to let the members of book club get to know each other and to break the ice between the members. “We got to answer questions about our favorite books, and of course they were right because they are your opinion,” said Ellie Spencer (9).

             Book club is always looking for new members and hopes to expand their reach of the club to more of the school. “This year I incorporated remind to help gauge interest into the club,” said Jessee. “I want to make sure this year is better than other years at book club,” said Jessee.