House threatens impeachment on Trump

Julia Day, Reporter

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, faces possible impeachment initiated by the House of Representatives. According to the New York Times, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, announced the formal impeachment inquiry on Tuesday, September 24th. Trump faces allegations surrounding a phone call to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in July. An unknown whistleblower reported the call and told officials that the President had urged Zelensky to investigate corruption surrounding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Biden was the former VP for the U.S. and is also a frontrunner for the upcoming 2020 election, making him one of Trump’s biggest political rivals, as Biden is a Democrat. 

Trump says he is innocent, calling this “presidential harassment” and a “witch-hunt.” He has expressed that his conversation was appropriate and that these allegations and possible impeachment could only help him in the future. 

The news regarding Donald Trump’s possible impeachment has been the top story of the past week, and students and teachers are both confused and interested in this story. 

Many agreed that more evidence was needed for them to think clearly on the issue. Connor White (12) said, “It’s a really complex issue and right now I just feel like I don’t know enough to know what will happen. I think it’s very sketchy, but I’m just waiting for more to come out before I take a stand.” 

Others stand against possible impeachment. Caleb Bauer (11) says, “It’s completely absurd.” Jenna Bowling (12) also disagreed saying, “There’s no evidence of a crime which is required for impeachment.” Abby Shoemaker (10) says, “I don’t really agree, but I also don’t know all the details of why people want him impeached.”

Ms. Sheets, a social studies teacher, was more neutral on the topic. “The US Congress has the right to do an impeachment. That is their right guaranteed in the Constitution.” 

Even though there is a chance of possible impeachment, Trump may not actually be removed from office. Ms. Sheets said, “Unless there’s more evidence, I do not think the Senate will convict and impeach the President.” Caleb Bauer agreed, “I think it’s completely political. It won’t get past the Senate because it’s majority Republican.” Connor White mentioned, “If more comes out and there’s more that he’s done wrong, then it’s possible. Right now, just based off of everything we know right now, I don’t think he’d be removed.” 

With the 2020 election approaching, the impeachment could mean numerous things for Donald Trump. Abby Shoemaker said, “I feel like it could mean that people won’t trust him as much, if they trusted him at all, but I also feel that if he is impeached it could make people view his presidency in a negative light overall even though there have been some benefits during his term.” Caleb Bauer explained how it was actually boosting Trump’s base of supporters. Ms. Sheets said, “It’s either going to be one of two things: stir his supporters or hurt the Republican party.”

In the coming weeks, more details will emerge and people will know more about what is to come.