Say goodbye to your toxic friends

GHS Press Staff, Reporters

Dear GHS Press,

How do you let go of a toxic friend?


Dear Anonymous, 

Sometimes it is really hard to let go of toxic friends, but a lot of times it is needed. Never be afraid to go to an adult, or guidance, and let them help you mediate the situation. Have support in this decision and the steps you will take to let go of this toxic friend. We recommend having an honest and open conversation about why you are asking them to step out of your life and how their actions have made you feel. Also, try to distance yourself from them. Don’t be mean, but give a healthy space between you and that person. Be aware of letting them back in your life, regardless of what they say, as many times that can lead to the same cycle that hurts you. Begin finding new friends that are not toxic and that make you feel good.  


GHS Press