CADRE members attend Tazewell County Meeting for a drug free time


Zainab Razzaq, Reporter

CADRE (Commonwealth Alliance for Drug Resistance Education) is a club and organization that takes place across the country, and also at Graham High School. After submitting an essay, students turn in their submissions to the CADRE sponsors (Mrs. Libby Metcalfe and Mrs. Sherri Rasnick). Members of CADRE visit 5th graders, assist with Shop with a Cop, and plan and carry out the DARE jamboree. 

This year members attended the first usual Tazewell County Meeting, which was hosted by Richlands High School, on October 10 at the American Legion building. Students were seated as video presentations were shown on the projector. Students intriguingly watched a video on how juul pods can be hidden in plain sight within the classroom. The Today Show showed how simple things such as pens, hoodies, and even watches can be hidden joule pods. 

Richlands’ speakers continued to explain the importance of spreading awareness on the vape epidemic. Then participants from each school were asked to take part in a “mummy race” game. The game involved different groups having to wrap one person in toilet paper as much as they could. Later on, Graham, Tazewell, and Richlands started to plan on their ideas for Red Ribbon Week, which will be the week of Halloween, and a photo contest. Once ideas were agreed on, including fundraisers for Shop with a Cop, students were released to enjoy lunch before heading off to the 5th graders.

Graham CADRE members were split between Graham Intermediate and Abbs Valley Elementary School. Jonathan Du (12) has been a member for two years now and still enjoys it as much as he did when he first started participating. Sara Rasnick (12) has also been a member of CADRE for two years now. “I want to make an impact on these kids because they are very impressionable at the age that they are at,” Jon said. Marissa Copolo (11) said, “I was really grateful to be accepted into CADRE and look forward to spreading a drug free life!” 

CADRE is a rewarding opportunity and provides exposure to different environments. The club lets students interact with the younger students and educate them on the effects of drugs, alcohol, and bullying. Members of CADRE plan to attend the Appalachian Teen Challenge on November 11.