Bullying changes over time

Tara Wyatt, Reporter

Bullying has gone on for decades though the way people perceive bullying has changed immensely throughout the years. The majority of people can agree that bullying is more than physical abuse now; it’s repeatedly hurting someone emotionally or physically. 

The majority of schools try to take action by creating clubs for those in need. It’s believed that these clubs are helpful against bullying. “Personally, I haven’t seen much bullying at all this year, so I think it helps stop it overall,” Alex Horn (10) says. Ajani Wade (9) also agrees that clubs help with bullying, “It’s good to have them so information gets out about how bullying is bad.” 

Courtney Sheets, Forever Golden Sponsor, believes that bullying has increased over the years, “Social media is a big influence on bullying like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat,” Sheets said.

Emily Cook, counselor, also believes that social media is a reason why bullying has changed over the years. “One huge difference is the element of social media. When I was in high school, if I wanted to even speak to someone far away, I had to call their landline. Texting came in later, but it wasn’t free. We didn’t constantly see each other all the time, or take pictures, or facetime. It’s crazy how people can take pictures of random people and make fun of them. I hate that it’s easily available.” Cook believes that students should speak to a trusted adult in their life and talk about their feelings.

The faculty recommends students going to them for guidance. Unfortunately, some students believe that the faculty here does nothing. “I don’t think anyone helps. There have been cases where football players have bullied students and don’t get in trouble because they want them to play, and it’s not fair,” Summer Collins (12) says. Collins states that everyone who is a victim should stand up for themselves and find a way to make themselves stronger emotionally or physically.

Lucy Hurley (10) begs to differ.“Faculty certainly has a leverage on bullying. They’re the ones who see or are told about the bullying and act as a safe support system for the bullied,” Hurley states. “If anyone ever witnessed bullying, be the person who stands up for whoever is getting bullied. Either say something right then to the bully or go to a trusted adult.  Speak up for the ones that can’t speak up for themselves.”