Big G Marching Band competes in first competition of the season

Tessa Koen, Reporter

On October 12, our band competed in a competition at George Wythe High School in Wytheville, VA. They performed around 2 p.m and they were in Class 2A out of 5 bands. The band placed 3rd in percussion, 3rd in music, and 5th overall with a rating of excellent.  During competition, each band plays for judges and they receive a score based on their general effect in marching and music. The judges then average everything up into one score. 

Bands were scored in multiple categories, but Graham only placed in composition and execution. Bands received one of the following scores: good, excellent, and superior. Good’s range was 0-27.9, excellent was 28-33.9, and superior was 34-40.

Overall, everyone thought that they did well and that there was definitely room for improvement. Chuck Yost, the band director, stated that they needed to work on their marching. 

Abner Sloan (10), who is the color guard captain, stated that he thought he did pretty well during competition. Abner loves competitions, but he also hates them. “They are a recording of how you’re doing at a certain time, and if you have a bad day, there is no going back from it.” Sloan says. 

Lorna Arehart

The band performed their Billy Joel show for the judges. The students practiced everyday after school and in class, so they could be prepared for the event. There were 13 bands in the small band category. Locally, Tazewell’s band was also there. The overall winner was Auburn High School from Riner, VA. 


Meadow Ruble (10) is a first year member of color guard. She thought she did really well during the first song, but during the fourth one, her flags got tangled up. “There is no time for you to untangle them so I just did with what I had. The reason as a whole that the guard didn’t as well as we could’ve on the fourth  is we didn’t have enough time to learn the routine.” Ruble says. 

Liliana Bennitt (10) stated that at competition she could’ve done better. “Competitions make me very stressed, and I do not like them.” Bennitt says. Grace Beaman (12) said that the band as a whole needs to work on their tone quality. Competitions make her really nervous but also really excited at the same time. “It’s not like at a football game where people are there for the football players. The people are there for the bands, and they have a genuine love to hear the music and enjoy it.” Beaman said. 

Our band did an excellent job at their first competition of the season and they’re definitely looking forward to the next competition and being able to improve what they do. 

Lorna Arehart