Journalism offers multimedia opportunities

GHS Press Staff

Dear GHS Press Knows Best,

Should I take journalism as a class next year?  What all do you do in journalism? I want to take it next year, but I was wondering if it is fun. Should I take it?


Dear Hannah and Caroline, 

Journalism is a fun and interactive class that allows you to connect with every group in the school. In journalism, you will be required to interview students, take photos, create polls, answer advice, manage the website, and of course write articles. You become involved in all aspects of the school because GHS Press covers all activities. The class is multimedia, so you will get experience with photography, web design, and new writing styles. It is a fun class that helps you get out of your comfort zone and the class isn’t as structured as other classes. As seniors it will give you a chance to leave a lasting legacy at the high school.  


GHS Press Knows Best