Are teachers conspiring against you?

Dear GHS Press Knows Best, 

Sometimes at school I feel like the teachers are going more against me than for me. I can really feel that they’re just doing it for the money and not really showing they care.


Dear Doubtful Student,

Sometimes it can feel like teachers lack interest in students, but they are here to provide for you. Everyone has their off days, and at times teachers can have them too. Teachers aren’t out to make your life miserable; there’s a reason they chose a job that involves kids. Teachers, if they are biased, do tend to lean towards students who have a good attitude and try to learn. Try taking a step back, and ask yourself if you’re doing or saying something that isn’t necessarily appropriate in a classroom. Look at how the teachers act with other students, and see if they are behaving in a better manner. Most of the time if you try and put in the effort, they will show it back. It can suck if you feel like your teacher doesn’t care because it can be the reason you lose your motivation. If you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong then, it might be better to go talk to the teacher outside of class when he or she isn’t busy. Address the problem casually so that the teacher may not feel targeted or he or she doesn’t target you. It can even help sometimes to go to the guidance counselors and rant about how you feel. 


GHS Press Knows Best