FBLA awarded second place at Concord competition

Tara Wyatt, reporter

FBLA students traveled to Concord University to compete in the Concord Business Challenge on October 24 at 8 in the morning. Graham placed 2nd overall out of 17 schools with Princeton right in front.

Students tested for 15 minutes for each of the three tests they took. After students tested, they got a tour of the college then headed back to Graham at 2:30.

Jonathan Du placed 1st in Business Math, 3rd place in Economics and received a $1000 scholarship, Shraddha Patel placed 2nd in Business Math, Ben White placed 3rd in Business Math, Hannah Carter placed 1st in Hospitality, Alex Ramsey placed 2nd in Accounting, Julia Day placed 2nd in Business Communications, Sara Rasnick placed 2nd in Economics, and Alex White earned a $4000 scholarship.

Jonathan Du (12) said, “The tests were kind of difficult, but I had great teachers. I felt surprised to win, but I was very ecstatic.” Du spent the day before studying his material. His favorite part about the trip was spending time with friends and touring the college.

Shraddha Patel (11) stated she was shocked to place as well. “It was honestly shocking because I didn’t expect it, and the topic I won in was beyond my scope of interest,” she says. “Since there were so many people competing against me, I was nervous, which is why I never really thought about placing. The test was difficult but doable. I am glad I had the chance to go in order to get the experience.”

“I didn’t really know what business communications was going in. I thought it was fairly medium for the most part, but some I had no choice but to guess on,”  Julia Day (12) says. “We got to tour Concord on a nice day. I liked walking around with my friends.”

Some didn’t have to win anything in order to have a fun time. “Even though I didn’t win anything, my favorite part about the trip was spending time with my friends,” Macy Mcbride (11) says. 

Mr. Blevins arranged the Concord Business Challenge and attended the competition. He states that “It went well over all. Networking with other teachers and getting to hang out with the students was my favorite part of the trip.” Blevins was glad that the students had the opportunity to be familiar with Concord and attempt winning Scholarships.

Overall, the trip was a success according to participants. Students are excited about the next challenges to come.