Faculty dominate in faculty-student volleyball game

Tessa Koen, Reporter

The faculty- student volleyball game was held on Thursday, October 31, 2019. Multiple students from each grade participated in this event. Some of the teachers that played were Mr. Trey McDaniel, Mr. Brad Carr, Ms. Courtney Oxford, and Mr. Matt Dixon. Mrs. Joanne Young, the assistant principal, was the coach of their team. Students who wanted to participate had to meet the following criteria: four or fewer absences, no ISS or OSS, and be passing all of their classes for the semester. The faculty played each grade level in a 15 point game. 

All of the proceeds from this event went to Shop with a Cop. Both students who watched and students who played had to pay a dollar to attend.

The students and faculty did some warm ups before they started to play. Up first was the ninth graders. Both staff and students were very competitive. The score, overall, was 15-11. Up next was the 10th graders. The score was 15-10. After that was the juniors. The score for their game was 15-10. Finally, it was the seniors turn to go up against the staff. The score was 15-12, and the staff won. There was a costume contest after this game, and the winners were Autumn Jessee, Ronizane Williams, Jared Heffinger, and David Brown. 

After the contest, the action started up again. Staff played the ninth graders once again with a score of 15-7, winning once again. At this point, they’d won every match. There was another game with a combined team of seniors and sophomores that played against the staff. That game was 25-10. The other game’s play after that was suspended. 

Randa Bailey (9) stated that she signed up to play because she loves volleyball and saw an opportunity. “I wasn’t nervous because I know everyone else sucked just as much as me.” Bailey says. The toughest player, in her opinion, was either Mr. Carr or Mr. Vicars. 

Fancy Farmer (10) wasn’t a player, but she still enjoyed the event. She really likes competitive games and feels like volleyball is the most competitive one. She wishes the school would have more events like this because it shows how each teacher has their own strong and weak points. She thinks that her grade’s team did the best. “It’s not only because I know them, it’s because I know how competitive they are. It really made me get more into the game after they played.” Farmer said.  Andrea Heffinger (12) signed up because it was impulsive and she used to play volleyball. She wasn’t nervous and was just there to have fun. “Mr. Vicars was a baller, so he was definitely the toughest,” Heffinger stated. 

Mr. Dixon played on the faculty team. He thinks the game is fun for the faculty and the students. “Anytime you can get out of class and get a break from our usual day is always good for everyone.” Dixon stated. He said they whipped the students really bad. He thought he started out pretty slow since Mrs. Young kept taking him out. He thinks that Mr. Vicars played the best. He also stated that they could’ve beaten the students more but they weren’t really trying.

Mrs. Young coached the staff’s team. She felt like coaching was the best place that she could put her abilities to use. “It’s good to see the teachers laughing and picking at each other and the kids. The kids were having a good time too and it was nice to take a break.” Young said. She said it was challenging to keep up with who had been in, and who all hadn’t gotten to play yet. She’d had previous experiences with coaching, including volleyball.

This event was a great way for everyone to take a break. From the faculty and students that played, and everyone watching, it was a fun way to come together as a school and play volleyball.