Theme dress up participation fades


Winning scariest costume at senior year.

Autumn Jessee, Editor


Theme dress days are some of the most interactive days to show school spirit. In recent years, student participation in these days has dropped. In recent weeks the school has had two weeks of theme dress days: Homecoming sponsored by the SCA and Red Ribbon Week sponsored by CADRE. The days for Homecoming were PJ/Twin day, Superhero/Meme Day, Camo/Western/Hat day (the price to be able to wear a hat was $1),Throwback Thursday, and Battle of the colors: seniors wear maroon, juniors wear white, sophomores wear gold, and freshmen wear gray. For Red Ribbon Week the themes were Emoji Day, Superhero Day, Tacky Day, Halloween costumes, and school colors. 

“Sometimes students don’t have the clothes to fit the theme,” said Faith Guzy (12) This is a common answer among the seniors; Grace Beaman (12) and Makeinze Phipps (12) had similar answers. 

Andrea Heffinger (12) is a student noted for participating in all theme week days. “I am in most of the clubs that sponsor spirit weeks, and I feel like I should participate to encourage others too. Plus, it is super fun!” said Heffinger  

Heidi Bone (11) feels like there is a lack of participation because students are self conscious of the outfits they would wear. Elaine Tino (11) forgets about the theme days, and that is why she doesn’t participate. 

Mr. Jason Hayes feels that students are apathetic or don’t know the day’s theme.  Mrs. Amanda Whittaker said that students don’t participate because of “a lack of school spirit.” She feels that students would participate more often if there were an incentive given. Her suggestion was to reward students with a homework pass if they dressed up for each day of theme weeks. CADRE tried something similar with a drawing for a bucket of candy. Each student that dressed up was able to place their name in a bucket for the days they participated. 

Theme weeks are a great way to show school spirit. Students are encouraged to display their spirit in fun ways and don unique outfits.