Graham Cheer competes in region competition


Zainab Razzaq, Reporter

Graham Cheer competed in the region competition on Saturday, October 26. Mrs. Debra Brewster is the Varsity and JV Cheer coach. “I just want to start off by saying how incredibly proud I am of this team and everyone who helped out,” Mrs. Brewster said. Brew explained how they’ve practiced to make sure even the simplest of moves were perfected. She wanted the cheer to look very neat and for the cheerleaders to execute their moves well. She enjoys doing the dance in her head while her team is doing it because it helps her focus on what they’re doing right or wrong.  

Mrs. Brewster has been coaching cheer for about 18 years now. She got her oldest daughter into cheer although her daughter wasn’t that enthusiastic about it. Brew also got her daughters, Sahara and Milan, into cheer at a young age. “I do miss having Milan on the team, but it’s nice to stay busy knowing my girls are out having fun,” Brew laughed.  

Coach Debra Brewster explained what occurred during the competition and throughout her seasons of coaching. “Four teams competed in the region, and we got runner-up; unfortunately, that means we weren’t able to make it to state,” Brew said. Coach Brewster did mention that her cheer team had won state before in 2016. The cheer team has also gone to state many times and have won many region competitions.  

Isabella Edwards (12) and Cheyanne Osborne (12) talked about their experience cheering on Saturday. “It was a bit harder this time because only one team was allowed to go to state instead of the previous years,” Cheyanne said. They explained how there were two rounds of the competition involving the judges. The first round involved the judges critiquing the teams, but the second round is when they scored, which determined whether or not the team was going to state.  

The cheer team is proud of placing second because the score was the best one they got all season. Mrs. Debra Brewster looks forward to working on the dances and maybe adding a little more difficulty. She realized the team with a higher score had a bit of a more complex routine than her cheer team had. “We’ll be sure to get them next year,” Brew said. Overall, the school is immensely proud of our girls cheer team, and we look forward to them competing next season.