School time turns into family time

Payton Prevento, Reporter

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Five students have the pleasure of seeing their parent(s) at school everyday. The Rasnicks, Youngs, Calfees, Shoemakers and Browns all have family within the school. Many students might be wondering what it’s like having a parent in the school and what advantages or disadvantages come with it. 

The Rasnicks, Mrs., Mr., and Sara (12), all came to Graham High School during the 2016-2017 school year. Going to the same building every day makes it easier to carpool and allows the Rasnicks to communicate with one another when necessary. 

Mrs. Rasnick explains that working at the same school that Sara attends makes it harder because other students ask Sara about her parent’s lesson plans and expect her to have special treatment. “I like that I can be more involved in her life and she can talk to me whenever she needs something,” says Mrs. Rasnick. 

Darrah Young (11) is often mistaken to have special treatment due to her mother being assistant principal. Darrah explained that she gets frustrated when other students assume that she can get away with things that others are commonly scolded for, such as dress code. 

Mrs. Young stated that she likes working at the high school but dislikes invading Darrah’s personal life. 

Mrs. Calfee likes working with Mr. Calfee and Will (12) in the same building. She says that it is easier if they need something from her and if Will ever needs to talk about something. 

Will said his parents working here played a role in him moving to Graham, but overall he is glad he made the switch. 

Mallory Brown (9) is afraid to have her father, Mr. Brown, as a teacher. She is afraid that she will get special treatment, or that students will assume that she gets privileges because her father is her teacher. 

Mr. Brown stated that he treats his children the same, if not harder in class. He hopes that students won’t treat Mallory differently due to him being her teacher. 

Abby Shoemaker (10) enjoys her mother working at the school. Some benefits of going to school with her mother are that Abby can get help from her mother if needed and if she forgets to get a paper signed she can walk over to Mrs. Shoemakers classroom. “A lot of people assume that it’s not fun or it’s bad, but I don’t mind it,” says Abby.

Having family in the school can seem overwhelming, but overall, it can be helpful and enjoyable. Teachers treat their children the same as other students and give the same opportunity to everyone.