Theater breaks a leg at competition

Theater breaks a leg at competition

Beth Tinsley

Autumn Jessee, Editor

 On October 26, 2019, theatre team members travels to Marion Senior High School to participate in Southwest District Competition. Teams from Marion, Lebanon, Tazewell, Graham, and Virginia High School competed.  Each school had to have a one act play that took no longer than 35 minutes to perform. The top two schools moved onto the regional competition which will be held at Central High School in Wise County, on November 16, 2019.  

Lebanon High School came in first place with their production of Digging up the Boys  by Laura Lundgren Smith. Marion Senior High School was runner up. Their show was The Diviners by Jim Leonard Jr.  

Graham High School put on Cave Dream by Alan Haehnel. The show was about five friends who go caving and get trapped by a group of rock creatures until they can state an absolute truth. GHS came in fourth place. “Graham did incredible. I was  so proud of the work they put in to making this show what is was. The day may not have been our most technically sound performance, but the acting itself more than made up for it,” said director Ms. Beth Tinsley. 

Contest Play member Sara Rasnick (12) said that competition was a rollercoaster of emotions. She had a strong feeling that the team would perform well, but everyone was really overwhelmed. “The performance went very well, even though it didn’t go perfectly. We worked hard to get to where we were and we are proud of how we performed individually and as a group,” commented Rasnick. 

Sara Siebenhaar (12) is a three year member of the Contest Play team. For future shows Siebenhaar suggests that actors to trust themselves and their cast and crew, as well as always striving to better skills. Siebenhaar won an award for outstanding actor. She mentioned, “I was confident and felt like we could finally showcase what we have been working on.” 

Ellie Spencer (9) is a first year contest play member. Going into competition she was terrified, but she had faith in her team. Next year, she hopes the team will  “be dedicated and work as hard as we did this year,” said Spencer. 

Though many of the team members are graduating this year, the team has high hopes for next year.  Let’s hope that they ‘break a leg.’ The next performance will be on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, at 6pm at Graham High School. The students will put on a Dinner Theater for $5.