Mitchell Stadium wins title of best high school stadium


Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Tessa Koen, Reporter

On November 4, Mitchell Stadium was picked as the nation’s top high school football stadium. Its final round opponent was R.R. Jones Stadium in El Paso, TX. Mitchell got 2,149,143 votes to R.R. Jones’ 1,515,558. Some of the other contestants were Cathy Parker Field, Washington High School Stadium, Round Valley Ensphere, and The Star. Mitchell Stadium was founded in 1936, and the architect was Works Progress Administration. It holds 10,000 people. It’s located in Bluefield’s city park. The stadium serves as the home football field for Bluefield High School and Graham High School. 

The poll, or competition, between stadiums was held by USA Today. It was a bracket-type poll. There were several different rounds between each stadium. During each round, the votes for each stadium were tallied up. Whichever stadiums got the most votes, or outvoted another, would advance to the next round. 

Paige Kinzer (10) stated that she voted probably over 100 times. “This impacts our community because it’s one of the many reasons that we are so strong. We get to come together as one,” Kinzer said. She believed that Mitchell Stadium could win if everyone stuck together and kept voting. “I literally screamed ‘yes’ when I found out.” She was so excited that she even went to Mitchell Stadium for the picture that was taken by Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

Mrs. Janna Gray also voted for Mitchell. She didn’t think Mitchell was going to win because, in comparison to Texas’s stadium, R.R. Jones, she didn’t think we had a chance. She has no idea how many times she voted. “It was almost nonstop,” Gray says. She thinks this adjoined two communities together and put us on the map demographically. She stated that she was ecstatic when she heard the news of the final results.

Bluefield, WV Mayor Ron Martin was interviewed by the Bluefield Daily Telegraph :  “This victory is a result of the loyalty and dedication of thousands of present and past residents, family, and friends of the two Virginias, who showed their love for Mitchell Stadium by continuously casting votes on its behalf.”

Arissa Anderson (12) had a great amount of confidence for Mitchell. “We have a great facility. To us high school students, it’s almost like a second home,” Anderson said. She says that she voted 50 or 60 times a day. She thinks that Mitchell winning will bring more events and people out, especially to the football games. Mrs. Cynthia Largen would vote any time she had a free moment during the day. She hopes that this continues to bring everyone together. “It would be nice if it would help the West Virginia to be able to hold the championship there. It would boost tourism and the economics of our community,” Largen stated.

Mitchell Stadium is a stable of this community. Everyone comes together for football games and other local events, and it helps to bring two states together. This was a big competition, considering the other stadiums that were nominated in the poll were a lot bigger than Mitchell. There are multiple hopes and beliefs that this will mean great things for the community in Bluefield.