Students enjoy exciting and fun Fall Weekend trip

Elise Clary

On Friday, November 8, forty Graham High students traveled to Goshen, Virginia, for an exhilarating weekend. The group left the high school promptly at 6 p.m. in the evening and returned home on Sunday afternoon. Fall Weekend was at Rockbridge Alumn Springs. It is a faith-based camp with great food, music, and fellowship time. This weekend is a fun way for teenagers across the region to come together and sing, dance, and meet new people as well as learn about the Lord. 

For many students, Fall Weekend was unique and full of surprises. Emma Largen (10) said, “I didn’t expect to get cornstarch thrown at my face,” this being in reference to the “cornstarch war” activity she participated in on Saturday morning. The group also enjoyed the delicious food. “The big cookie was by far my highlight,” Luke Stowers (11).

The awesome games were only one component of this great weekend. Many students pointed out how much they enjoyed club time and club talk. Christian Yates (11) has been going to Young Life for a year, and this was the first Fall Weekend he had ever attended. What astonished him the most was, “Even though everyone at Rockbridge came from different backgrounds and places, we all came together for the same purpose.”

Young Life has impacted the community by giving high school students an opportunity to have fun and learn about God. Hayden Morgan (12) says its on his agenda to attend summer camp this coming year. He has only been a part of Young Life for a couple months but has enjoyed “experiencing something new, getting to know people more, and making memories.”

Students interested in participating in Young Life can go to club on Monday nights. Club is a fun time to let loose and play games and talk about life. Young Life Club takes place in the Annex at Bluefield College at 7:57 every Monday!