DECA develops future leaders


Cole Cline, Reporter

DECA is a club at Graham High School that deals with business and marketing events. The club is headed by Mrs. Shoemaker and the president is Shalya Short and the vice president is Cheyenne Osborne. The club mainly focuses on teaching the standards of marketing and business. This club also aims to teach leadership skills give the students 

DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. The club no longer uses this acronym because its aims to go further than the scope that the acronym gives the club. Over the years, the club has expanded and grown and now covers more areas, such as business, leadership, and marketing. This is why the club no longer goes by the acronym. This club was established in 1946. 

“DECA is a club that lets me learn about business and participate in events in the community,” said Nick Kastner (12). There are many events that the members of DECA can participate in, such as marketing, business apparel, and business. These events allow students to express their creativity and allows them to explore paths that the school environment does not teach. “I joined DECA because it allows me to participate in different competitions,” said Jonathan Du (12).  The events are placed in three different categories, district, state, and national. The students must first participate in the district and win in the competition to go further to the state and national competitions. Some of the events that students can participate in include, marketing, economics, and business apparel.

On November 6, DECA members decorated the halls with positive sticky notes to help boost the positivity in the school. Examples of the sticky note messages included “stay positive,” “you are beautiful,” and “you’ve got this.” The club stuck one sticky note onto every locker to make sure no student was left out.

“DECA is a business club for everyone,” said vice president Cheyenne Osborne (12) Over 215,00 students around the world participate in the club. “I am glad I joined this club because it lets me learn about things I would not have otherwise,” said Nick Kastner (12).