Dixon predicts weather

Payton Prevento, Reporter

As many faculty members and students know, Coach Dixon is the weatherman of Graham. He keeps the school updated with weather, whether it’s precipitation or a huge snow storm.

Dixon gets his predictions by using multiple computer models. He uses about 5-7 free models that he gets from the internet. Dixon says he uses the same models that many weather apps use and anyone is able to use them. 

Dixon considers himself to be very accurate due to his “common sense,” but also realizes that the models cannot predict everything. He says he is always going to miss some, but with snow, his predictions are almost always correct. 

Having two snow days before the official start of winter generates questions as to what the rest of winter will bring. The reasoning behind having snow this early in the year is partly due to a split from the polar vortex. This is when cold air breaks off from the arctic and comes down towards us. Another reason for early snow could be from a snowpack in Siberia. The more that is in Siberia can affect the amount of snow in Canada and in the U.S.

Coach Dixon predicts the rest of winder to be neutral. He says there is no El Nino or La Nina to affect the weather this year, but predicts lots of precipitation. Whether the precipitation is rain or snow is still unknown. 

Dixons weather prediction for late January and February is more snow. He foretells a warm spring with little to no snow.  

Coach Dixon does not believe in global warming, but believes that “the earth goes in cycles.” He explained how we went through an ice age and are now in a slightly warmer pattern. He thinks the earth will make its way back to a colder pattern, “maybe not in our lifetime, but in the future.”

If anyone has a question about the weather forecast, check out Dixons facebook page: Dixon’s Meteorology.