Chronic absenteeism drops drastically

Tara Wyatt, Reporter

On November 21, Mr. Carr and Mrs. Young called down the separate classes to discuss the attendance, behavior, and classroom (the ABC’s) to end off the six weeks. Seniors were called down in the first period,  juniors were called down in second, then sophomores were called down in sixth, and the freshman was called down in the 7th period.

In these six weeks, the freshman class is in the lead for the least chronic absences (attendance). The total number of students to be absent was 10/129 (7.75%). The juniors take the lead for no disciplinary actions (behavior). The total number of students who were not written up was 105/106 (99.07%). Seniors take the lead for most students passing all classes (classroom). The total number of students getting their work done is 118/131 (90.08%). 

Unfortunately, some of the classes declined in certain areas. The number for passing all classes for juniors and freshman declined drastically. In the first six weeks, the juniors had 85/104 (81.73%) and the freshman had 110/130 (84.62%) complete work. Now juniors find themselves only having 79/106 (73.83%) and freshman having 101/129 (78.29) complete work.

Mr. Carr plans on rewarding students with more dress-up days (PJ days, hat days etc) if students can keep the chronic absences under the minimum number. He also will reward one of the grade levels with ice cream after the third six weeks to whomever has the best ABC’s statistics. A faculty vs student game will be possibly happening during the fourth six weeks.

At the end of the day, the best students with all ABC’s were put in a raffle for Applebee’s gift cards during the 7th period. The winners were Brayden Puckett, Laken Chronister, and Hunter Stroupe.

Mr. Carr stated that the assembly went well overall and that all of the grades were responsive. “The attendance and behavior improved overall, but classroom stuff is what concerns me the most. I would like to see our worth ethic in class improve.” 

Mrs. Young says, “Everyone is on their best behavior and then we get to the second six weeks and the honeymoon is over. It’s hard. You’re asking students to sit for 15 minutes and sometimes that’s not exciting. You’re asking them to engage in something they’re not interested in. I have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. I totally expect that. I think a lot of that behavior is from that.”

He mentioned that the school is participating with the Union Mission for the toy drive. Teachers can give incentives within the classroom. All of the toys will be collected by December 17. The toys are required to be new.