Seniors harmonize at District Choir

Autumn Jessee, Editor

This year, three seniors, Lily Comer, Makenize Phipps, and Sarah Gray, auditioned for the District Choir. Ms. Beth Tinsley said “The District Choir is an audition choir where students from District Seven prepare a given song, and those that receive a high enough score make it onto the choir.” 

“Students prepare the song that district provides, then also have to work on their sight reading, where they are given a short melody and they have it sing it on sight,” said Ms. Tinsley about what happened at the audition. The three young ladies will now work on five pieces for the District Choir performance in February. 

Makenize Phipps auditioned for the first time this year. “I did the best I could, and that’s all that matters. Of course, I am my worst critic, so I thought of every reason as to why I may or may not have made it. In the end, I’m blessed that I did make it through,” said Phipps. She has hopes for the group to do their best this year, especially since it is their senior year. Phipps felt “very excited and honored” to be chosen. 

“I did pretty well, even though I wasn’t very confident,” said Sarah Gray. She was very nervous going into auditions even though she has been a part of the District Choir since freshman year. Gray hopes to continue to sing and enjoy it as much as possible going forward. 

Lily Comer also auditioned for the first time this year. She was nervous because she isn’t fully comfortable singing in a classical style. She hopes to learn new techniques and types of singing as well as meet students from other schools that are part of the District Choir. 

These three talented ladies showed their Graham Pride at auditions. They were the only three that went from GHS, and three of them were accepted to the District Choir.