Community dines on theater

Autumn Jessee, Editor

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, GHS theater team, theater arts, and women’s ensemble students hosted a dinner theater. The community was served a dinner of spaghetti from the Villa, salad, rolls,and various desserts. There were around 150 people in attendance. A few hundred dollars was raised after paying expenses; the money will go towards the spring musical. The ticket cost was $5. 

While eating the audience was entertained by two songs from the women’s ensemble: “Songs of a Disney Hero” and “Here comes Santa Claus.” In between the songs the theater arts students performed several skits. Every student in the class did a version of Jabberwocky by Lewis Carol. The students were broken into groups of five and had to interpret the poem and act it out. There were five groups that performed a clowning skit. Clowning is a basic of theatre; it removing dialogue and replacing it with gibberish, forcing actors to focus on actions. Lakyn Hawks (12) was the only student to perform a monologue. One group performed a modern Shakespeare skit. They prepared a scene from Macbeth and changed it to be in modern English, rather than middle English. Two groups did an obstacle scene, which is where each character has a physical or mental quirk that they must maintain throughout the scene.  The one group performed a soap opera gone wrong. The class was broken into groups of three and had to write a soap opera. Then after they performed it, they had to perform them fundamentally wrong, such as turning their back to the audience, forgetting lines, or delivering them with the wrong emotion. 

After dinner, the audience was invited into the auditorium to view the theater team perform their one-act play Cave Dream. The play placed fourth in the regional competition at Marion Senior High on October 26, 2019. This was the group’s final performance of this show.  The team started to prepare the show in August and worked extremely hard on the production. 

Ms. Beth Tinsley said that this year was smoother than the previous dinner theatres. She said, “The only thing that might change would be the set up of the tables and chairs.” Tinsley’s favorite part of the evening was all the students and the work that they put into the event.

All the skits were fantastic, and I was so proud, but one of my favorites was the modern Shakespeare skit”

— Beth Tinsley

Krislyn Thomas (12) participated in all the entertainment, but she was most nervous for the theatre arts performances. Her favorite skit was the soap opera gone wrong. Thomas said, “This year was better than the other Dinner Theaters.” Thomas will miss putting on the Dinner Theater with her friends. Sara Rasnick (12) will miss the people and the experience that Dinner Theater provides. “It went extremely well. I’m very happy with how successful it was,” said Rasnick. 

Mai Nguyen (11) said, “The most nerve-wracking was serving the drinks. Ice and drinks are fine, but am I holding up the line, am I too slow, and what if I gave them the wrong drinks?” The best part of the night was “seeing all the people coming through the door just to see and support us. It shows how much they care,” said Ellie Spencer (9).

All the students that were involved in the 2019 Dinner Theater worked very hard. They set up, brought drinks, desserts, and salad dressing, performed, served the audience and cleaned up afterward.