Disney+ stirs up nostalgia in students

 The new movie streaming app, Disney+, brings back childhood memories for all ages.  Disney+ was publicly released on November 12 and has since brought in a large amount of publicity from fans. Many of our schools students and staff have already downloaded and binged on the old Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars shows and movies. It was recorded that an accumulative 10 million people signed up for Disney+ on the first day of its release. The app contains on-demand, live, and downloadable films appropriate for all ages.

Isabella Edward’s (12)  input on the format of Disney+ is that it’s quite similar to that of Netflix or Hulu in the sense of skipping theme songs. She says,

“I love rewatching all my favorite shows from childhood… I’ve watched Disney+ nonstop recently.””

— Isabella Edwards

  Isabella enjoys watching Wizards of Waverly Place.

 For many people, the Star Wars series is the only reason to download Disney+. Jonathan Du (12) says his favorite program is The Mandalorian, “It was the show I looked forward to the most because I’m a huge Star Wars fan.” Jonathan says the Netflix’s content is similar to Disney+ , but “Animated movies will always have a special place in my heart.”

Though the majority of students have positive things to say, the Young Life leader, Erin Jennings, had a few keen observations to critique on the format of Disney+. Erin says, “It’s not as good because you can’t continue watching from where you left off… it doesn’t show you recently watched or if you are halfway through a show. It’s sometimes hard to find shows.” With this in mind, however, she did state that it was “nostalgic and has a wide variety of shows and movies.”

With the approach of cold weather and Christmas time, Disney+ provides a great excuse to stay home and bundle up to a classic Disney movie. On top of that, the app allows for multiple profiles to be added so it can be shared with friends and family.