Exam week approaches quickly

Tessa Koen, Reporter

With Thanksgiving being over and December rolling in, exams are right upon us. There are multiple subjects in which students are tested.  December 17 is when the 1st and 2nd period exams are held, December 18 is the 2nd and 6th exams, December 19 is the 3rd and 5th, and December 30 is 4th period and makeup exams. The core classes normally have big tests, but the arts classes do something a little different. On December 10, a Tuesday, they all have different things they must do that count as their final semester exams. The art students have an art show, and both the band and choir students perform concerts. 

Students are often very stressed during this month. Not only is it the holiday season, but it’s also the time of year that they’re cramming to study for these big, final tests. Their schedules become full of studying, along with the Christmas season. Studying is essential to pass these tests, and students often do so in different ways. They must give themselves enough time to study, and take breaks in-between. Some students may even take practice tests that help them know what they need to study more. 

Mrs. Kimberley Parnell, who teaches biology, gives some valuable advice for students. She stated to stay strong and focused, and to remember that Christmas break is almost here. “Take notes and recopy them so you can write them in your own words. Not everyone learns the same. Take advantage of Kahoot! and Quizizz as well as any other study apps. Keep your head up!” she says. 

Mr. Matt Dixon says that attendance during this time of year is very important. “Teachers will be going over the final preparations for the midterm exams, so attending school is crucial,” he said. Dixon’s advice for studying is to find a quiet place and limit yourself from distractions. He said that, personally, having a quiet place to study had always helped him the most.

Abner Sloan (10) stated that he hasn’t studied since the second grade, but if he did have a process, it would be to listen to your teachers and their lessons. He thinks that if you listen, that you can then apply your knowledge right then and there, rather than applying some textbook definitions. Fancy Farmer (10) said that she doesn’t need to study because she remembers what the teacher says better than she remembers what she says.

These final exams determine the final averages of students grades. The exams are very important and both teachers and students work very hard to get ready for them. With lots of studying and preparation, these exams could go very well this 2019-2020 school year.