DoorDash denied at school

Cole Cline, Reporter

DoorDash? More like don’t dash. DoorDash is a company based out of San Francisco in the state of California. The company uses drivers to deliver food from restaurants to people who order it.This company has recently been introduced into our area and many people are excited to use this service. However, the company is also being attacked for not charging the same amount of money for dishes as the restaurants do. They are also receiving backlash for not tipping their drivers as much as they should.

At Graham High School, DoorDash is not allowed.“We are pretty flexible about bringing food in, but you can’t invite outside people to come to our school,” said Mr. Carr. ”There are things that you can and cannot bring to school,” said Mr. Carr. This is a safety reason and it needs to be followed to help keep the school a safe environment. When students bring in outside bags, the contents of the bag are not always known. This is why students are not allowed to bring in outside food. ”I understand that people need to be safe and allowing unknown people to bring items into the school is not safe,” said Nick Kastner.

It is also suspected that DoorDash has been charging a higher price then the restaurants for the same food. When compared to menu prices, DoorDash markups the price by a few dollars on almost every item. This makes sense as DoorDash must make money in some way. However, marking up the restaurants prices is not the way to make money. DoorDash should charge the same amount of money for the same amount of food.

When a DoorDash driver arrives at his destination, the payer is allowed to tip the driver using an in-app process. It has recently been found that the tips that customers have tipped to the drivers had gone straight to the company instead of the driver. This, however, has been changed because of uproar that it caused by customers wondering where their money was going. DoorDash has changed this policy, now the drivers receive the tips from the customers. 

“I have used DoorDash before, and it was so expensive that I ended up not buying it,” said Kolbe Austin (12). When a company increases the cost of food, less people will buy it. It is only a matter of time before another company sees that flaws of DoorDash and competes with them to bring the cost down.