Students and teachers share their thoughts on guilty pleasure and unpopular opinions

Julia Day, Reporter

Everyone always wants to find out fun facts about another person. Two of these facts that show a lot about what person may like or not like are guilty pleasures and unpopular opinions. These can be fairly common, or they can also be detailed and elaborate. 

Many students had a lot of thoughts regarding these topics.

One of the popular unpopular opinions involved the new app Tik Tok, where users can share short videos with others. Peyton Kiser (12) said, “Charli D’Amelio is not hot. If you ask any boy in the school they’ll think she is.” Cianna Carter (11) added, “I don’t like that Charli girl because she’s overrated. All she can do is dance and she does the same thing in all of her videos.” Charli D’Amelio is a very popular Tik Tok star who dances. 

Peyton Kiser also added, “My guilty pleasure is Britney Spears and bringing peanut butter pretzels to bed with me every night.” Cianna said her guilty pleasure was being annoying and watching pimple popper videos. “They’re satisfying.”

Ethan Stinson (12) said, “My popular opinion is gun control because I just think that regulation is what we need. Also, my unpopular opinion is how judgmental the Christian faith can be sometimes. I think that we need to be more like Jesus and love people.” He also said, “My guilty pleasure is flirting because I got that personality and edge for it. In addition, I enjoy eating in excess. I like a lot of chicken.”

Abby Shoemaker (10) said, “My guilty pleasure is probably staying up too late and my unpopular opinion is I think candy corn is really good.”

Daniel Pearce (12) said, “My unpopular opinion is that I don’t like Starbucks, mostly because their coffee tastes stale. My guilty pleasure would have to be antagonizing teachers, especially Mrs. Brewster, because it makes school fun.”

Teachers also added their thoughts on guilty pleasures and unpopular opinions.

Mrs. Woodward said that the show Say Yes to the Dress was her guilty pleasure and that her unpopular opinion was anything political.

Mr.  Brown’s unpopular opinion was that UVA is overrated as a school itself. He added that his guilty pleasure is Nutter Butters.

Mr. Calfee added his thoughts, saying “My unpopular opinion is that you should tip a waitor regardless of how well they do at that moment.” He said that his guilty pleasure was Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate. In addition, Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Proffitt, together, agreed that their guilty pleasure is pranking people.