TCPS makes changes to school calendar

Kimberly Belcher, Reporter

The schedule for Christmas break has changed and some of the students at GHS have something to say about it. Instead of getting out of school on December 19, GHS gets out on December 20.

One of those people is Virginia Grubb (11). She says that she doesn’t mind the change, but she is a bit disappointed that it is a day later than it would’ve been. Though she does appreciates the extra day that the reschedule gives. She says she doesn’t agree nor disagree with it. Virginia said that she doesn’t care about it at all, to be honest. She is just glad to be able to get off of school for a while. 

Grubb says that most people probably wouldn’t care and that it would be an “Oh, ok.” reaction. There was possibly a slight bit of disappointment that it is a day later, but again, nobody would really care. They would go on with their day and just keep waiting for the break. She said that it wouldn’t even matter when she got out, as long as she got a break. 

Landon Cook (10) agrees with Virginia that they don’t care when the break is. He would prefer if break was soon, but he doesn’t care. Landon enjoys, though, that he gets to miss school without consequences and he is looking forward to it. He doesn’t, however, enjoy when there are no breaks at all besides the summer break. “It may as well not even be a break. It’s just you graduating from that grade moving on to the next. It only counts if you’re a senior.” He goes strongly by that too. Cook says that during the break he will most likely either play some video games, spend some time on his phone, or maybe hang out with his friends.

Overall, the students don’t really care when they are going on Christmas break just as long as they get one. They are happy though about the Thanksgiving break, but they all know that school is going to be very stressful between the two breaks. But they are excited and not letting the stress of school stop them. Landon Cook is ready for the christmas break though and so is Virginia Grubb. As for the rest of the students at Graham, they are anxiously waiting for christmas break and waiting for the exams to be over.