FBLA provides opportunities

Autumn Jessee, Editor

Graham High School Future Business Leaders of America offers an opportunity for students to be able to spend time with one another while being able to sharpen skills that will be needed in the real world no matter their career choice, such as building their resumes and working on their job interview skills. They also are able to network with other students throughout the state and nation to find other students with similar interests or career choices. 

FBLA students are currently selling candy grams to be delivered to students at the beginning of exams. These candy grams will be candy canes delivered with messages to encourage students during exams. FBLA will also be selling  hot chocolate with holiday cakes throughout exams and just hot chocolate every Friday during the winter. During the spring, FBLA is looking to sell ice cream or lemonade/fruity punch in the spring among other activities.   

New FBLA sponsor Mr. Jason Hayes said, “Anyone can join FBLA, not just business students during the current years. Membership usually runs during the month of September of the new school year to meet deadlines to allow students to compete.” Mr. Hayes hasn’t changed much from past years. The FBLA guidelines have changed to allow all students to join, which is new. FBLA will participate in some different fundraisers from past years. “I want to continue to see FBLA grow at GHS. Currently, we have 93 members and I would like to see those numbers grow. I would like to see more students compete with the opportunity of representing GHS at state competitions and on the national level. Eventually, I would like to be involved with starting a chapter of FBLA at GMS so that students can learn more about Future Business Leaders of America early and what FBLA wants to accomplish once they get to high school,” said Mr. Hayes.  

Activities that FBLA members will participate in are the Fall and Spring Conferences. The Fall Conference allows students to network and meet other students and learn more about FBLA. The Spring Conference is where students will find out the results from their testing and to see if they qualify for state competition. Students also participate in various fundraisers and community service projects throughout the school year. 

Lily Comer (12) has been a member of FBLA for two years. The club has helped her to connect with others through business. Arissa Anderson (12) has been a member of Future Business Leaders of America for four years. Anderson is part of the club because she wants to major in business. Jonathan Du (12) said, “FBLA has helped me learn about financing and businesses.” He has been part of FBLA for two years. Sara Rasnick (12) is a three year FBLA member. “I enjoy everything FBLA does and what FBLA stands for,” says Rasnick. Benjamin White (12) is the president of FBLA, he has been a member for two years. White said, “ FBLA provides me with opportunities for my high school experience and my future.  It looks good on a college application as well.”

“I am part of FBLA to gather knowledge that will further me in the real world,” said  Allison Crist (11). Christian Yates (11) has gotten better leadership skills from FBLA. Darrah Young (11) said, “It has allowed me to meet new important people in my community. FBLA has also taught me communication skills that will help me in the future.”