Let It Snow brings down a new rom-com storm for viewers

Zainab Razzaq, Reporter

Let It Snow is a new Netflix original rom com movie for holiday enthusiasts. The movie consists of three different stories but all with the same theme, true love. As cheesy as it sounds, the producers are trying to appeal to teenagers nowadays and are trying to adapt to our times.  

The first part of the film follows Julie Reyes, a high school student who just got accepted into Columbia University, accidentally meeting pop star, Stuart Bale, on a train. As fate happens, the train stops due to ice, and Julie looks outside realizing she lives relatively close. Bale follows her out and asks if she’d please like to get a bite at a local restaurant, Waffle Town. After talking for some bit, Julie reveals that her mother is sick, which is why she has to stay at home and can’t go to college.  

Later on, she brings Bale home where he meets Julie’s mother and grandpa. The two almost share a kiss just as the doorbell rings. Bale’s publicist is at the door waiting for him and although Bale offers Julie to come with him, she knows she should stay home with her mom.  

The next story involves best friends, Dorrie and Addie. Addie is convinced that her boyfriend is going to break up with her and get with this other girl. Dorrie tells her not to worry about it, but later on during her work shift at Waffle Town, she spots Addie’s boyfriend with another girl. Addie makes a scene once she gets to the restaurant and as Dorrie tries to calm her down, they both have a big argument.

 At the same time, Addie notices a girl, Kerry, who she used to be with, but quickly realizes Kerry hasn’t come out yet. Addie tries to get over Kerry after being ignored by her in the restaurant.  

Meanwhile Keon, “a wanna be” DJ, is also working at Waffle House and intends on having a party there later that day which is also Christmas Eve. Keon’s friend, Tobin, leads us to the third story of the movie. Tobin secretly shares how he has a crush on his best friend since childhood and plans to tell her that day. Her name is Angie, but Tobin nicknamed her “The Duke”. They get invited to a party with Angie’s friend, JP, but instantly Tobin sees him as competition. Later on, when all three of them have to run away by car, Tobin’s car gets stuck near a church. Tobin gets angry at Angie and tells her to leave him alone because he thought she liked JP.  

The movie wraps up with everyone coming back to Waffle Town for Keon’s party. After Julie’s mom encourages her to go to Columbia, she comes to the restaurant. To her surprise, Stuart Bale made a return and they both enjoy the night with laughs. Dorrie reunites with Kerry as Kerry apologizes for not speaking clearly, but wants to be in a relationship with her. While this is happening, Angie finds Tobin on the top of the Waffle Town, and Tobin confesses his love for her. Angie wittingly remarked that she was surprised, but knew she always liked him deep down. All three couples share a kiss and enjoy dancing the rest of the night. Addie also is assumed to have a happy ending because her and JP share a moment at the party.  

As any Christmas romcom movie, we always look forward to a happy ending and hope for the characters to stay together.  


Story and Character Analysis:  


Each character’s personality forms the plot and gets them to their happiness. Julie Reyes kept to herself, but showed to be intelligent after getting an acceptance letter from Columbia University. Stuart Bale is a pop star and, although seems to think everyone is his fan, he’s humbled after Julie shows no interest in his fame. After that incident they’re both shown as regular people because at the end of the day they both are.  

Addie is shown to be a paranoid girlfriend and has a temper. Dorrie is always there for Addie and gives her encouraging advice. Dorrie tells the truth to Addie that Addie always needs attention and thinks the world revolves around her. Addie isn’t stuck up because she puts her ego aside and realizes what Dorrie said was right. Addie apologizes for her not realizing things before.  

Keon tries to avoid his strict parents because he wants to get famous off of being a DJ. His parents return home after their flight gets cancelled to find Keon trying to set up a party in the house. After Keon is caught, he goes to work at the Waffle Town and plans to have a party that day.  

Tobin is an awkward character but enjoys spending time with Angie. Angie is portrayed as a really cool character and amazes Tobin with her wittiness. She easily gets along with people and can easily talk to others.  

The plot follows the basic rom com plots of where two people talk, argue, and then make up. Everyone is assumed to stay in their relationships on the miracle of Christmas Eve. I would recommend this movie if you have nothing else to watch and can laugh over the dumbest things. Just enjoy the movie, not for quality, but for the not relatable situations high schoolers go through.