Boys Varsity Basketball Team expresses their excitement for this upcoming season

Elise Clary

The boys varsity basketball team is working hard for their projected successful season. The varsity team of 14 is ecstatic for the upcoming 2019-2020 season. Last year, the team made it to the regional championship with a finish to the season against Radford. The experienced players are looking forward to hopefully excelling past regionals and rocketing to the state championship.

Chance Dawson (12) has played on the varsity team for all four years of his high school career. For some personal goals this season, he hopes to get an all-state title and win Player of the Year. Chance’s position is small forward and power forward. In regards to team goals, Chance looks forward to “going undefeated on our homecourt and make it farther than we did last year.”

Like every sports team, the basketball team has several advantageous strong suits but also some weaknesses. Logan Simmons (11) says, “I think this year we need to focus on defense and keeping the other team from getting easy buckets.” Logan thinks they will have a shot at state especially since they have strong “shooting abilities.”

The Nick Owens (11) is feeling excited to play this year as he has started for 3 years now on the varsity team. When asked about expectations for this season compared to previous years, Nick says, “I feel like we’ve been putting the work in and have the chance to make it very far this year. We are more unified and have improved on passing and defense.” 

David Graves (10) is an underclassmen who played on varsity last year as shooting guard. From being a skillful player and engaged teammate, David feels that this year’s team has “high potentials.” He believes the team does need some improvement on communication, “especially on defense.”


Though the boys varsity basketball team has 14 players, their is a big upcoming class of  junior varsity players. For the most part, they are all underclassmen. This year’s varsity team has high hopes for succeeding on and off the court. Their first game will be played against Pulaski on Tuesday, December 17. All students and faculty are encouraged to attend and cheer on the Graham G-Men!