English teacher shares her work on her new website

Tara Wyatt, reporter

Debra Brewster has wanted to publish books since her college days, but life has gotten in the way until now. Brewster has written two mainstream fiction books called Raspberries and Romeo days and Scenes from a Life. She’s currently writing her third one, New Beams and Madness. 

In her first soon to be published book, Raspberries and Romeo Days, we follow several characters throughout their journey of healing. Sophie Morton is unaware of the effects she had on one particular day that summer. Evie Barrington is discovering secrets that will give her closure. Many other women will learn to face their struggles.

Her second book, Scenes from a Life, is an “epic” book goes from the 80’s to the current time with the main character being Janny McGee. The current book she’s writing is New beams and Madness is set in the 90’s with the main character being Olivia Deams.

“I started writing in college with my first degree, but when life got busy, I didn’t have time,” Brewster says. “I love to write things. I always jotted down notes and things in journals. Since all my daughters are busy with their lives, I have more time now.”

Brewster’s website is to help her promote her books and information of the book. When first going on the website, the description of her first book pops up.  At the home page is a description of who Brewster is and her contact info. She will update her website when there’s more information on her other books,

“I have reached out to publishing companies. I’m going through Amazon because they do E-books, electronic, and self publishing,” Brewster says. From there, she’ll wait to see what happens with the initial book.

Brewster and her editor have hopes of publishing her novel, Raspberries and Romeo Days, sometime in June or early July of 2020. Although she is excited to publish that book, Scenes from a Life holds a special place in her heart. “I love all the books for different reasonings, but Scenes was the first baby. I am really attached to the different characters.”

“This is very exciting for me. I’ve never told people over the years. To put this out there kind of forces me to do my thing and work harder at it.”

Her website is  www.dtbrewster.com.