Dual Class adopts a soldier for the holidays

Cole Cline, Reporter

Mrs. Woodward’s dual classes adopted a soldier for the holidays. The soldier’s name is Makenna, and she is stationed at Parris Island. She is from Fayetteville, and her recruiter said that she needs some encouragement. Mrs. Woodward’s class decided that she needs to be helped and that if one has the ability to help, then they should. 

“Many soldiers don’t have the support that they need to keep their spirits up,” said Mrs. Woodward. “I believe that if you have the ability to do something good, then why not do it” said Mrs. Woodward. 

“The soldier is from Fayetteville and is going through some tough times. She needs the support, and the students can help to create that,” said Mrs. Woodward.  The soldiers on Parris Island undergo a tough workout of training and school for twelve weeks. This training lets the people become marines, and it shows that they are capable of serving the country.

“I just wrote about everyday things and encouragement to help keep her spirits up,” said Nick Kastner (12). The soldiers on Parris Island go through a gruelling process, and they need this encouragement to help them get through the tough times.

Parris Island is a place in North Carolina where marines are made. The camp consists of many different activities that challenge their mental and physical abilities. The program lasts for 12 weeks of nonstop action. Then, after all of the soldiers work is complete, the are converted into marines. 

Makenna is almost a marine because she has completed almost all of her training. When she receives all of her letters from the class, she will have the ability and power to finish her goal and become a marine.