Sickness takes over the school

Payton Prevento, Reporter

Many students around the school have been getting sick. Kids are arriving to school coughing and sneezing. Some common types of sicknesses that are circling the school include upper respiratory infections, strep, cold, and the flu. The stomach bug is starting to settle down says Nurse Plott. 

“Be sure to cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze,” to avoid getting sick, Nurse Plott suggested washing hands often, vitamin C, and staying hydrated.

If a student starts to feel ill, they should go to the doctor to get treatment and medicine. If a student is unable to see a doctor, Nurse Plott suggests getting over the counter medicine such as Mucinex and Tamiflu. “If you feel like the sickness is getting worse, please go see a doctor and stay home!” says Nurse Plott. 

Many teachers around the school keep hand sanitizer and tissues stashed in their rooms for easy to access use. Mrs. Whittaker keeps a “sanitation station” in her classroom. Her sanitation station contains Lysol, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, and more. After school everyday she wipes the keyboards and tables with Clorox wipes to kill bacteria before it spreads. 

Chloe Martin’s (9) sickness began with a runny nose and a slight cough, but later it extended into a sore/scratchy throat and fatigue. She thinks she got sick from the cold weather or friends at school. 

If a student begins feeling sick throughout the day, they should stop by the nurses office to get a quick evaluation. Nurse Plott also has cough drops available to students.