Students donate blood to save lives

Payton Prevento, Reporter

On December 4, 2019, Red Cross came to the school to take blood from willing participants. Red Cross began taking blood at 8:30 and ended around 3:30. In total, there were 32 people who donated, which exceeded the goal of 28 people. 

SCA members and students in Mr. William’s anatomy classes were asked to help run the blood drive. Due to the CADRE meeting happening on the same day, many of the SCA members were unable to attend the blood drive. 

Red Cross travels to different areas 5 days a week. They often go to schools and malls, but locations vary. They drive anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to collect blood. 

Red Cross provides a program to teach phlebotomy with no cost if someone does not already have their degree in phlebotomy. 

The process to donate blood includes reading over a packet that contains information about giving blood. After reading the packet, a quick survey is taken to prevent anyone from giving “bad blood.” The phlebotomist then does a finger prick to check hemoglobin levels and then check for blood pressure. 

After the survey and quick evaluation, the phlebotomist assists you to the table where your blood will be taken. The phlebotomist checks for a vein and carefully inserts the needle. Volunteers helping with the blood drive stand with you to make sure everything goes well and provide drinks and snacks while donating. 

After the pint of blood has been taken, the phlebotomist fills tubes for testing. They then bandage the arm and sent you to the “canteen.” At the canteen, snacks and drinks are available and encouraged. Other volunteers are located at the canteen to assist and make sure you stay for 15 minutes before being released.  

Previous student, Ashlynn Beavers, said she decided to donate after Mr. Calfee convinced her. She also added that she donated for the cause and wanted to help people. Frankie Wilkinson (12) says it is important to donate because it can save lives. He also posted a video of his donation on the pep club twitter to encourage others to donate. Austin Sluss (12) decided to donate because he wanted to give back to those in need. “I was nervous the first time I donated but it was fun this year,” explained Austin.