CADRE shops with cops

Payton Prevento, Reporter

At 7 a.m. on Saturday, December 7, CADRE members, cops, firefighters, and more came together to participate in Shop with a Cop. Shop with a Cop is a way for the community to provide for families in need and children to get to know local law enforcement. This year, the program was able to raise enough money for each child to purchase $200 worth of gifts.

Families lined up at the Walmart doors with shopping carts and huge smiles. Each child was assisted with a CADRE member and an officer before shopping began.  

Abby Gasperson (11) stated that Shop with a Cop is important because “it shows that the local law enforcement actually wants to help with the community and they aren’t as mean as some people believe they are.” She also described her favorite part of Shop with a Cop was seeing the children laughing and smiling when they realized they could get anything they wanted for christmas. “I had the sweetest little boy, and he was super polite,” says Abby. 

Benjamin White (12) said the program is important because it allows children to create relationships with law enforcement and the community. “This might be the only Christmas these kids will get this year.” Benjamin’s favorite part was participating with other volunteers and watching the children have fun, “It was fun to see members of the community, both volunteers and those who donated, come together to support a great cause in shop with a cop.”