Students and faculty share their New Years Resolutions

It is now 2020. Not only is it a new year, but it’s also a whole new decade. There are many things that can already be expected. There are conflicts in politics and with other countries. However, 2020 will definitely be a memorable year. The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, new films, new broadway shows, and high-speed rails are among the many things to look forward to this year, as stated by CNN. 

Trey Maxwell (10) stated that he does come up with resolutions. His resolution was to try to be more social. He thinks that people break resolutions because some people can be too nervous to try new things that they aren’t used to. Lucy Hurley (10) anticipates that this year will bring many good and bad times for everyone but it will teach students how to grow into adults. Her resolutions include bettering herself physically, learning more/doing better in school, and making the world a better place. “I am very excited about this new year and decade because it means a clean slate for new opportunities for everyone to take,” Hurley says. 

Mrs. Jennifer McGinnis stated that it’s been years since she’s come up with new years solutions. She said that she quit doing it because she saw that everyone else was breaking theirs, and she didn’t want to set herself up. She hopes for good things this year. “Weather speaking, apparently we’re going to have an easier winter. That may mean not as much snow,” she says. 

Mrs. Sherri Rasnick usually just sets small goals instead of resolutions. She looks forward to it being a really good year. “We’re looking at a lot of different things going on in the world. Politics and stuff with people from different countries. There’s a lot of turmoil right now, but I hope things will turn out more positive than the way they look right now.” Rasnick said. She’s excited for this year because of her birthday, and her daughter Sara’s graduation.

Mr. Brad Carr’s New Years Resolution is the same every year. It’s to lose weight and get in better shape. He said that he didn’t even think about it being a new decade until he saw it all over Facebook.

Anytime you have a turning point I think it’s a chance to reflect and start doing things differently.”

— Principal Brad Carr

“Anytime you have a turning point, I think it’s a chance to reflect and start doing things differently,” Carr says.

There are many different reasons that people make resolutions, and also break them. People make resolutions for the new year in hopes that by the time the year is over, they will have accomplished those goals that they set for themselves.