Seniors excited to graduate


Mrs. Metcalfe

Senior year is very eventful, from Homecoming to graduation, there are many activities that are only for the seniors. Graham has many traditions for the senior class, including the senior picnic and Project Grad. 

The Class of 2020 is looking forward to graduation. They are ready to go on to the next step of their life. There are many things that make senior year great. Austin Sluss (12) said that Dual Enrollment English was the best part of his year. Frankie Wilkinson (12) said, “Hanging out with everyone in the senior class and making memories has been the best part of my senior year.” Jenna Bowling said that taking her last exams of the year has been the best part of her year. 

Mrs. Metcalfe

Out of all the traditions that are wonderful, there are some that the class dreads. Peyton Kiser (12) is least excited to sing to the junior class at the end of the year. Hunter Stroupe (12) isn’t looking forward to graduation practice. Jacob Workman is least excited for “Senior Skip Day.” 

Most seniors have already figured out what they are going to do after high school. Many seniors are planning to go to college. Austin Sluss plans to go to Bluefield State and do Pre-med. Hunter Stroupe is planning on “pure and uninterrupted bliss until college.” 

The summer between senior year and college is a crucial time to spend time with friends before they all go their different ways. Nick Kastner (12) is planning on going on a cruise this summer. Jessica Haver (12) is going to spend her summer working. Peyton Kiser is going to spend the summer taking college classes. 

Mrs. Metcalfe

While a lot of the senior class think they have their life planned out, they still may need some guidance. Mr. Jason Hayes said, “Choose a career that makes you happy and is rewarding to you. Money is important for paying bills, but not as important as waking up everyday and not dreading going to work. Make sure to do good! Don’t do Nintendo!”

Don’t do Nintendo!”

— Mr. Jason Hayes


Mrs. Amanda Whittaker said, “The advice I would give to seniors would be to enjoy every moment that senior year presents to you. Sports, academics, friendships, relationships, and extracurricular activities play such a vital role in your high school career. Your senior year should set the tone for your future, so enjoy it and subject yourself to new opportunities. You never want to regret not doing the things you had time to do when you were young. Have fun making memories with those who love and support you.” 

The class of 2020 is going to do great things. It is important to remember to enjoy the last few months of childhood and spend time with friends and family before the next chapter of their lives.