Express your creativity by staying and painting


Stay and Paint is an event hosted by Mrs. Cockerham that happens at Graham High School every few months. The next event is scheduled for January 20, and its theme is a snowman with a hat and scarf. It is where students stay after school and paint with Mrs. Cockerham, the art teacher. The event costs 30 dollars, and it is open to both students and staff. The event usually lasts for around an hour and a half. All of the supplies that are required for the stay and paint are already laid out for you, and they are ready to be used. The last Stay and Paint theme was an Autumn theme that allowed people to paint their favorite Autumn themes. Many people painted pumpkins, leaves, and other fall themes.

“You get to be creative and communicate with one another,” said Mrs. Woodward, who attended the first Stay and Paint. Stay and Paint’s mission is to allow people to enjoy the art of painting with friends and to have a good time. 

“I enjoy Stay and Paint because it allows me to express my creativity,” said Isabella Edwards (12). Stay and Paint allows people to come together and have a good time.

I enjoy Stay and Paint because it allows me to express my creativity.”

— Isabella Edwards

Mrs. Cockerham is present during Stay and Paint, and she offers her help. She will show you new techniques and styles that you may not have known before. She helps people so that they, one day, can help others. It is important for art to be used as a tool because of its importance in history. 

Art has been a tool used for centuries, and it allows people to describe their feelings, surroundings, and history. Art captures moments of time and allows people to relive experiences through it. “Without art,” said Craig Hrovotic (12),”there would be no history.” Many of history’s finest moments have been captured by art and that allows it to be preserved for many years to come. Having art shows and events, such as stay and paint, help to further solidify art as a means of capturing history.

Stay and Paint hopes to give a creative outing for people to express themselves. In a sense, Stay and Paint is more than just practicing art, it’s about expressing yourself and showing the power of the paintbrush.