Australia cries out for help

Australia’s forests have been burning for more than four months and have killed multiple people (at least 26), along with over one billion animals. From koalas and kangaroos to even bees, the brush fires, compared to the size of Connecticut, have led many species to the brink of extinction. 

The fires in Australia could have started by various reasons, such as lightning, climate conditions, and even people deliberately starting the fires. Depending on the news source, some say over 24 people have been accused of setting the fires. Other news sites claim that nearly 200 people were arrested for arson. 

Some people blame global warming for the enraged fires. Factors such as the rising heat and the drought can play a role in the blazing forests in Australia. Over the past few years, studies have shown that temperatures have been consistently rising, this summer being one of the hottest summers in many years. 

Although global warming is a controversial topic, some believe it plays a major role in the tragic incident. Many people think global warming is a strong factor in why the fire continues to rage throughout Australia. Mrs. McGinnis, business teacher, thinks global warming is not true, although she thinks the climate goes in cycles.

Already, an estimated 3 billion dollars is what it would cost for paying for the damage of the fires. So far, more than 8 million has been raised since New Years Eve. Some ways to help raise money to support Australia would be to donate to the New South Wales bushfires, the Australian firefighting services, Australian Red Cross, Koala hospitals, etc. 

Hunter Stroupe (12) says, “I think it is a very tragic event. Anyone with the ability and or means to help should help.”

I think it is a very tragic event. Anyone with the ability and or means to help should help.”

— Hunter Stroupe (12)


Hunter also went on to say that many animals are dying in large masses and donating money and/or resources to prevent many from going extinct is important.